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Nicoletto Ermes modeling rises at the end of 1972 as individual company with familiar conduction. Now it occupies two establishments flanked for a total of 7000 square meters circa, it has become a small industry with more than 35 employees. Production departments consist of two separate but additional sectors:

The workshop able to carry out more elaborated metal models, molds for thermoforming and plastic injection, shells for alluminum castings by gravity or low pressure. Since 1990 alongside traditional manual work methods the CAD-CAM increasingly sophisticated systems, still using 13 CNC three and five axis milling machines, up to a work area of 2500 x 2000 x 1500 mm.

The timber sector, that makes wooden and resin models, prototypes ureol, molds for sand casting, fiberglass molds, has all the typical equipment of traditional modeling.In addition to capable modelers, have other 9 three and five axis milling machines ,up to a work area of 14000 x 5000 x 2000 mm.